Malia and Sasha Obama Are Going to Be Bridesmaids! Get the Details on the White House Wedding, October 24, 2016

Real Housewife of New York Luann de Lesseps’ Bridal Shower Photos Are EPIC, October 24, 2016

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Went to a Seriously Fancy Wedding in France, September 26, 2016

Vanderpump Rules‘ Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz’s Wedding Was Epic: See the Stunning Photos, August 18, 2016

This Is the Most Pinned Wedding Dress on Pinterest, August 9, 2016

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Look Inside These Gorgeous Celebrity Kitchens, April 14, 2015
Prepare to be jealous! See where Kourtney Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Robert Pattinson and more are cooking, baking and entertaining…(read more)

Delicious Recipes Made with Cadbury Créme Eggs, April 1, 2015
These treats feature Easter’s iconic chocolaty treat…(read more)

A First Look at Property Brothers Jonathan & Drew Scott’s New Home Décor Line, March 26, 2015
Your dream of having a home expertly made over by Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott has just become a reality…(read more)

Starbucks to Offer a Birthday Cake Frappuccino for 5 Days Only, March 25, 2015
It’s a scientific fact—at least when it comes to dessert—that the only thing better than chocolate is birthday cake…(read more)

How to Properly Eat Your Feelings on Valentine’s Day, February 5, 2015
Avoid the heart-shaped chocolate boxes and recipes for-two – this Feb, 14, let’s eat like there’s no tomorrow…(read more)

Alert! There Has Been a S’mores Oreo Sighting and It Looks Legit, February 4, 2015
We can hardly handle all this cookie excitement…(read more)

Super Bowl Coffee Smackdown: Seattle’s Starbucks vs. New England’s Dunkin’ Donuts, January 30, 2015
Welcome to the Super Bowl of coffee…(read more)

Oreo Unveils New Red Velvet Cookies for Valentine’s Day, January 20, 2015
This is not a drill, people. And it’s not a way-too-early-to-be-funny April Fool’s joke, either…(read more)

These Are the Craziest Fried Foods at the Texas State Fair, October 9, 2014
If there’s one thing we can depend on as a society, it’s fried greatness from the State Fair of Texas…(read more)

We Tried It: Starbucks’s New Chestnut Praline Latte Tastes Like a Cup of Christmas Carols, November 7, 2014
Disclaimer: I’m a Starbucks fan. I’m a gold card-carrying, spinach and feta wrap-eating, grande nonfat three-pump vanilla latte-sipping fan. Not a fanatic, but definitely not a hater — let’s just call me a very regular costumer…(read more)

Oreo Launches Pumpkin Spice Flavor — How Do They Taste?, September 9, 2014
Pumpkin lovers, listen up! Just in time for fall, Oreo is adding a new member to its cookie clan: pumpkin spice creme…(read more)

Why The Wall Street Journal Thinks Women Without Husbands Are Worthless, February 20, 2014
The Wall Street Journal ran an article entitled ‘A Little Valentine’s Day Straight Talk’ last Friday. And, of course, since love tips I glean from WSJ are as good as gospel, I dove right in.
First of all, the author, Susan Patton, egregiously assumed that sad singles spent their Valentine’s watching “Downton Abbey.” Psh, obviously we were all glued to the highly anticipated, just-released “House of Cards.” Duh. Know your audience, come on lady…(read more)

Our Rockin’ Karaoke Party Picks, September 2012
Throw your dream theme party! Our staff picked out their absolute favorite food, decor and party ideas that all come together for a rockin’ good time…(read more)

‘Stache Bash Party Favors, August 2012
Send guests home with some (faux) facial hair party favors that they mustache! Check out 10 of our favorite furry favors…(read more)

Seeing the Future
American Journalism Review, November 29, 2011
Decades before the debut of the iPad, Roger Fidler was an evangelist for the tablet as news device…(read more)

UMD Students Go Crazy for Bobby Flay’s Burgers
Maryland Life, November 7, 2011
Normally I don’t eat ground beef, but I’d eat a Bobby Flay hamburger any day…(read more)

New Approaches for a New Era
American Journalism Review, October 26, 2011
How the Seattle Times and Wichita Eagle are revamping their newsrooms to achieve a more digital focus…(read more)

A College Newspaper Editor’s Baptism of Fire
American Journalism Review, September 28, 2011
In her first week, she finds herself at the center of a national journalism controversy…(read more)

House Rules, Spotlight: Haute Heights
Capitol File magazine, Summer 2011
Be above it all and enjoy the views of the District…(read more)

Summer Calendar
Capitol File magazine, Summer 2011
June/July/August 2011

A Matter of Trust
Capitol File magazine, Spring 2011
Jazz musician, Wall Street Journal columnist and mixed-drink connoisseur Eric Felten is diving into morality with his new book, Loyalty: The Vexing Virtue. Felten, who lives in DC with his wife and three children, gave Capitol File the lowdown on the book, DC’s unsightly ethics and, of course, his favorite spots in the city…(read more)

April/May/June Calendar
Capitol File magazine, Spring 2011
CF Spring Calendar, Page 1
CF Spring Calendar, Page 2

House Rules, Spotlight: Manor of Speaking
Capitol File magazine, Spring 2011
Have it all—and then some—in the privacy of this Arlington enclave…(read more)

Trading in my ignorance – the empowering experience of V.I.A. training
USA Today College, Jan. 11, 2011
I always thought sexual violence was far away from me, that it only happened in broken homes or in dark alleyways. All the guys I know in college are nice and normal—it never even crossed my mind to be aware or worried that they might try something sleazy or cross the line. Now, after getting VIA trained, I know a lot better…(read more)

Moving out of the Heartbreak Hotel: Tips for going through a break up in college
USA Today College, Dec. 17, 2010
Dating in college can be one of the best experiences of the four years, but going through a break up can be one of the worst…(read more)

Get Up, Stand Up: Whistleblowers for Peace
College Magazine, September 2010
College students are constantly met with a barrage of noise: alarm clocks, text alerts, blaring iPods and the drone of tiring professors. A small group of young activists in Los Angeles, however, only care about one noise being heard: the blow of a whistle.
They wear whistles around their necks as a protest for peace in the Congo. Why whistles? To remember the boys standing on the front lines of battle, too small to carry guns, armed only with whistles for protection… (read more)

Q&A With the Sexy Professor…We Mean Sex Professor
College Magazine, September 2010
Because men think about sex almost as often as they breathe, women often get the rep of never pondering the deed. But, women are in fact sexually curious and are looking for answers to their naughty questions. CM’s resident sexpert, Dr. Robin Sawyer, gives his advice, and it’s not just useful for females. So sexes, listen up!… (read more)

Gourmet Chef: No Stove? No Problem!
College Magazine, September 2010
Just because you’re living the hectic life of a college student doesn’t mean you need to eat like it. Say goodbye to Hot Pockets and PB&Js; it’s time to eat gourmet. The best part? It’s all in the microwave… (read more)

Living the Dream
American Journalism Review, September 2010
Four years ago, Andy Hall started to think about his dream job, a position that would draw upon two of his passions: investigative reporting and teaching.
He had just been assigned to the education beat at the Wisconsin State Journal in Madison. It was a great job, he says, but when this dream started to creep into his head, he began to think about leaving the paper where he’d worked as an investigative reporter since 1991… (read more)

Supporting Students
Maryland Life, September 2010
Students today live in an extremely competitive world. Not only do they need to master various skills in class—they may need to be the absolute best at something in order to succeed in a particular field one day.
It’s a lot to live up to…(read more)

Teachers of Promise
Maryland Life, September 2010
While some recent college grads are panicking about finding work in this economy, Samantha Kirkwood has already secured the job of her dreams….(read more)

Chesapeake Film Festival
Maryland Life, Sept. 9, 2010
While it’s still too soon to pop the popcorn, now’s the perfect time to make plans to attend the third annual Chesapeake Film Festival (CFF). This year’s event is set for the weekend of Sept. 24-26, but movies are already being screened…(read more)

What I wish I had told me freshman year
USA Today College, Aug. 23, 2010
As a college junior with two years under my belt, I’ve learned a lot at my big, public university. But when I think back to the beginning of my freshman year, my face starts to redden in embarrassment. It might be enjoyable for upperclassmen to poke fun at these fledgling college students, but I thought it would be more productive — and just plain nicer — to give those freshman a few tips that probably apply on any college campus. So listen up, class of 2014, here are the top five things I wish I had known my freshman year… (read more).

A Cram Course in Fact-Checking
American Journalism Review, June/July 2010
For seven Arizona State University journalism students, this semester got real, in a hurry.
They still have classes, tests and roommates to worry about, but they also have a big heaping portion of Arizona politics on their plates….(read more)

Keeping Track
American Journalism Review, June/July 2010
California gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown had better watch what they say: Politics Verbatim is listening, and posting….(read more)

To transfer or not to transfer, is that the question?
USA Today College, July 6, 2010
When I spent a summer as an Orientation Adviser at my University, I had to learn how to deal with all different types of students:
The  scared freshmen.
Returning adult learners.
“Too cool” students who didn’t pay attention to anything.
Those “eager beaver” students who asked every question imaginable.
And, last but not least, the neglected transfer student…(read more)

Introducing the All-New
Maryland Life, June 21, 2010
Get your mouse, keyboard, and 140-character tweets ready, because Maryland Life is getting a virtual facelift, and you won’t want to miss it!
On July 1, we’re launching our revamped website, complete with changes designed to fit your needs and wants. The one-stop shop for all things Free State can be found at…(read more)

This scientist says the Chesapeake Bay can’t be rescued
The Daily Record, May 2, 2010
LUSBY — Despite restoration efforts, government dollars, and a multi-state movement to save the Chesapeake Bay, one scientist doesn’t think a rescue is possible.
As a former Chesapeake Bay Program scientist and an avid sailor, Kent Mountford has been studying and sailing the bay’s waters for 40 years, and learned the ins and outs of America’s largest estuary. But all this knowledge has left him with a sorrowful outlook for the bay’s future…(read more)
*with photos*

Kratovil Joins Maryland’s Watermen in Oyster Restoration
April 9, 2010
CAMBRIDGE – Rep. Frank Kratovil is diving into a key issue in his district, hoping to learn more about Chesapeake Bay oysters and efforts to save them.
Kratovil, D-Stevensville, went out on the Choptank River late Friday morning with some of Maryland’s watermen and environmental scientists to watch how they study and restore oysters….(read more)
*with my photos*

Officials Hear Out Md. Farmers
Southern Maryland Online, April 2, 2010
UPPER MARLBORO — Boots with blue jeans and suits with ties gathered over donuts Thursday morning to discuss the issues facing Maryland’s farmers…(read more)

Md. tanning industry hot over new tax hike
The Daily Record, March 29, 2010
WASHINGTON — Indoor tanners and tanning businesses nationwide are outraged over the recently signed health care reform’s 10 percent federal tanning tax that’s expected to start boosting prices this summer…(read more)

Comparable training centers fail to sway Ruthsburg facility’s opponents
The Baltimore Sun, March 13, 2010
WASHINGTON – Battle lines are drawn on the Eastern Shore over a proposed State Department training center planned for tiny Ruthsburg.
But people who live near similar facilities in Sykesville and Brunswick, Ga., say the centers have been good neighbors and the surrounding communities have never experienced the controversy and resistance seen now in Queen Anne’s County…(read more)

NIMBY Syndrome Hits Explosives Training Site Originally Backed by Md. Lawmakers, Feb. 14, 2010
WASHINGTON — What started as an effort to create jobs in Queen Anne’s County, Md., and increase national security has devolved into months of finger pointing, heated Facebook posts, dozens of furious letters, boycotts and a lot of extremely unhappy people…(read more)

Sandusky Rescues Ice-bound Watermen
Jan. 15, 2010
CHESTER – Out on the Chesapeake’s Prospect Bay, blinding morning sunlight dances off the thick layer of ice that covers the freezing waters for as far as the eye can see. At the docks, local watermen are confined to dry land, their boats frozen in the ice.
Then comes the Sandusky to the rescue.
Throughout the eastern Chesapeake this week, the 80-foot, 120-ton, steel-hulled boat, was breaking ice and setting watermen free to do their business…..(read more)
*with my photos*

Turf War
Takoma Voice, Nov. 2009
SILVER SPRING — Parents have always been the voice of reason behind their children’s playfulness. They are the first to say “don’t eat those worms,” “don’t stick that marble up your nose” and “you’re not leaving the house wearing that.” But “don’t play on that turf?” That’s a new one.
Students at Montgomery Blair High School were excited to play, run, and tackle on their brand new turf field that was installed this summer, but many of the parents were displeased at the idea…(read more)

New Wine Bar Set to Open in Old Takoma
Takoma Voice, Nov. 2009
TAKOMA PARK — At the corner of Blair Road and Cedar Street are two opposites.
On one side is the Culture Shop, a store with well-lit, clean beige walls, a constant stream of eclectic music floating in the background, and products like Greek honey, equal-exchange coffee, and colorful, hand-knit scarves.
Across the street is S & S Liquors in an old building with neon signs and beer ads hanging in the windows. Inside are dark paneled walls and crowded aisles lined with Svedka, Heineken and Jim Beam. These two unlikely businesses have joined forces to create the Cedar Crossing Tavern & Wine Bar, due to open in November…(read more)


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